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Doing more with more - making the case for an intelligent IT Service management platform

Doing more with more sounds provocative, even counterintuitive, as we have become so accustomed to hearing that “we need to do more with less”. Let’s unpack this.

Organisations want to grow, sell and deliver more, and provide better customer experiences.  When you get to the bottom of it, businesses simply want to increase revenue, and profit margins. This to many means that they feel the need to do more with less.

We have all seen organisations attempting to implement a new system that should deliver a reduced head count, but rarely is that successfully delivered, and people have become sceptical of such initiatives. Invariably the one that loses out is the customer. Ultimately however, customers never lose, the business does, when that customer moves on, and tells others why.

What if instead we say that we want to grow our business by 50%, but only increase of service staff by 5%? This is where the different thinking comes in; don’t think about cutting (the “less” part of the equation), think about growing (the “more” part of the equation), but without a linear increase in service costs. The more with less is a relative equation, rather than an absolute equation. The costs to deliver more services, is relatively less than today. So, instead of thinking about cuts, think about better ways and deliver a much better service experience to your customers.

I like to use an analogy from my earlier motorcycling days. When riding, you must focus on where you are going, not on the obstacles in the way. Human nature will steer you to what you are focussed on, positively or negatively. If you focus on missing the obstacle, rather than the clear path besides the obstacle, you are far more likely to hit that obstacle. The same is true in so much of the world, the business world being no exception. A focus on less may deliver less cost, but at what price? A focus on the growth, with a plan that controls cost growth will invariably deliver significantly better results.

The promise of AI in customer service functions, internal or external facing, is often perceived as a way to reduce staff. However, if we look at this another way, it can help immensely with efficiencies of the existing and future staff and deliver a better customer experience (through better and faster resolutions). This in turn will help facilitate absolute growth for the business, for less relative cost, and have a service engine running smoothly and efficiently.


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