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S1:E1 Top Five ways to get more value out of ServiceNow. Increase self-service via the ServiceNow Portal (Level 0)




PART 1 – Increase self-service via the ServiceNow Service Portal (Level 0). Duration: 19 mins 35 secs.

Welcome to the FIRST Episode of our vid-cast on how to get more value out of your ServiceNow environment. Mark, our host and Paul Heath, Co-Founder and VP of Product Marketing highlight the issues that that contribute directly to low self-service adoption rates and what Soapbox can do to change that.

A common trend is that a lot of organisations have invested very heavily in self-service portals for customers and staff in a bid to reduce the workload on their service-desks. That investment also tends to come with a plan to reduce reliance on call-centres and to increase productivity by shifting left.

Unfortunately, users often struggle to find what they need on these portals and end up reverting to calling the service desk or sending a generic support email. This adds to the pressure that the service desks are already under.

In some cases, if their databases have been indexed, staff have been known to search for internal documents using Google. Which when you stop and think, totally defeats the purpose of a self-service portal.

If you're using ServiceNow for your System of Record, Soapbox has an out-of-the-box solution called Sofi for ServiceNow that is proven to help increase self-service adoption rates that uses natural language processing.

Trial Sofi to get the most out of your ServiceNow platform

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