SOBO_Top-Five-Ways-Of-Getting-Most-Value-from ServiceNow_EP-3

S1:E3 Top Five ways to get more value out of ServiceNow. Use Intelligent Search to find what you’re looking for.

PART 3 – Use Intelligent Search to find what you’re looking for.. Duration: 9 mins 39 secs.

THIRD Episode of our vid-cast on how to get more value out of your ServiceNow environment. Mark, our host and Paul Heath, Co-Founder and VP of Product Marketing uncover some of the problems with not being able to find what you're looking for due to difficult to navigate portals.

A lot of organisations have spent a lot of money on their System of Record (i.e. ServiceNow). However, they are still not seeing the benefits that these systems promise. In our last two episodes, we talked about self service adoption and first contact resolution rates. We also talked about why they are lower than most organisations like. Users simply can't find the documents, files and answers they're looking for. This accounts for users simply picking up the phone or resorting to Google to search their intranet.

Intelligent heuristic search paired with natural language processing is the most powerful tool to solve the majority of these problems. Sofi for ServiceNow is able to handle spelling mistakes, understand language nuances like synonyms, stemming and lemmatization and even conduct federated searches ACROSS siloed databases. 

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