SOBO_S2_Title Screen_1200x800Introducing the first viable alternative to ServiceNow.

Soapbox has built an intelligent AI platform that enables organisations to get work done better, faster and simpler. We have taken a unique approach to AI, one where the platform observes, learns, augments and automates work to support the business getting back to business. This approach allows Soapbox to capture feature rich training to maximise the power of AI.

SSoapbox Virtual Agent - Wifi Guest Accessoapbox not only delivers an enterprise single system, Soapbox also delivers a System of Artificial Intelligence (SoAI) on top the system of record. This is the key to a low touch, intelligent automation solution. Shifting left has never been this smart.

Current service management platforms are simply forms based workflow engines, some of which provide a single system of record across the business.  Soapbox brings an intelligent system of record (SoR) extending this to include System of Engagement (SoE).

Soapbox supports chat and voice using natural language across your channel of choice (i.e. Slack or MS Teams).

There is an increasing number of businesses that are no longer a good fit for the ServiceNow offering. From a cost and complexity perspective, customers are looking for a solution that is neither cost prohibitive or one that requires highly-specialised staff to service and maintain. Soapbox has been designed from the ground up to meet all these requirements head-on. 

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