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S1:E4 Top Five ways to get more value out of ServiceNow. Reduce the high-cost of Agent on-boarding.


PART 4 – Reduce the High Cost of Agent On-boarding. 
Duration: 9 mins 15 secs.

FOURTH Episode of our vid-cast on how to get more value out of your ServiceNow environment. Mark, our host and Paul Heath, Co-Founder and VP of Product Marketing discuss the strategies available to help you transfer critical institutional knowledge from senior staff to junior ones.

Organisations spend a lot of time, effort and money in staff training. This is in an effort to maintain consistent and efficient delivery and capability across the business. In a service desk scenario, clients might not always get the best outcome nor the most consistent. This is  largely attributed to service-desk staff experience. If you got someone who's well-experienced with the issues and the systems, chances are you'll get a great outcome. Probably not so much with someone who's only been on the job for a week.

Sofi for ServiceNow is an Intelligent, self-learning AI that is designed to observe and learn from your best agents, as they go about doing their job. Their knowledge is not only captured but it is then made available to other team members, so that the knowledge is shared in a timely and efficient manner. Plus, this is all done seamlessly in the background WITHOUT the additional expense of retraining and reconfiguration.

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