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S1:E5 Top Five ways to get more value out of ServiceNow. Busting the Myths of implementing AI.



PART 5 – Busting the Common Myths on Implementing Sofi. 
Duration: 9 mins 15 secs.

FIFTH Episode of our vid-cast on how to get more value out of your ServiceNow environment. Mark, our host and Paul Heath, Co-Founder and VP of Product Marketing bust some myths about the implementation of an AI virtual agent solution like Sofi.

AI is often seen as difficult to integrate and a nightmare to set up. From being cost prohibitive, to  requiring lots of intensive data and needing expensive specialist help to implement. Well, it may be true of some systems (where there is smoke, there is fire) but as far as Sofi for ServiceNow's not. Impossible, you say? Check out the vidcast or even better, get in touch to hear it from us directly.

Sofi for ServiceNow is an Intelligent, self-learning AI that is designed to be easy to deploy. Out-of-the-Box easy. Years of experience with ServiceNow have given the Soapbox team deep insights. Not only into how ServiceNow can be improved, but also what Service Management customers want from their platforms.

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