S2:E2 Soapbox Intelligent ITSM Platform Demonstration Series

Last episode we looked at how Soapbox is the first viable alternative to ServiceNow. This episode is where the rubber meets the road - Paul Heath, VP of Product Marketing puts the Soapbox Intelligent ITSM Platform through its paces. Check out these live demos to see the power and flexibility of a platform that observes, learns, augments and automates.

In this five-part episode, we look at how a true AI based platform deals with the following scenarios.
A day in the life of a major incident, looks at how easy it is to escalate, handle and eventually close a major incident.  Automating common requests and repetitive tasks is something that we get asked a lot and Soapbox does this without batting an eyelid. Shifting to the left to increase first contact resolution rates is a simply a case of predicting knowledge and adding automated actions. Soapbox is also not just for ITSM. We ship HR applications as standard and other custom apps are dead easy to spin-up. And finally have a look at how Soapbox handles a request it has never seen before. It's heuristic learning functions mean that retraining the system to adapt happens on the fly.

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S2:E2 Part 1/5 - Soapbox Demonstration Series - A day in the life of a major incident Duration: 9 mins 19 secs.

SOBO_S2-E2 P1-5Logging a major incident like the VPN going down and what happens post escalation. Even if the service desk agent has never seen this issue before, Soapbox is able to prompt the agent when a new incident service request is logged.  WATCH PART ONE HERE.



S2:E2 Part 2/5 - Soapbox Demonstration Series - Automating common requests and repetitive tasks. Duration: 6 mins 29 secs.

SOBO_S2-E2 P2-5Providing for guest wi-fi access is great one that Sofi on the Soapbox Platform can totally automate. I f your SAP session is locked, Soapbox is able to troubleshoot the nature for the issue and solve it automatically. Soapbox is also able to tap into your current automation tools like Mulesoft and Node Red .  WATCH PART TWO HERE.


S2:E2: Part 3/5 - Soapbox Demonstration Series - Predicting knowledge and automated actions. Duration: 5 mins 43 secs.

SOBO_S2-E2 P3-5Shifting left is something that a lot of service desk managers are under pressure to achieve. The Soapbox platform is created to reduce uncertainty for new agents by using existing knowledge to serve up the right answers at the right time. Intelligent prediction paired with automated actions is proven to increase first contact resolution ratesWATCH PART THREE HERE.


S2:E2: Part 4/5 - Soapbox Demonstration Series - Not just for ITSM - HR apps are shipped as standard. Duration: 4 mins 23 secs.

SOBO_S2-E2 P4-5Automating HR functions are also something that Soapbox does very well. For HR, common issues such as leave balance or pay-slip requests are handled seamlessly without any human input via natural language.  In fact, Soapbox is well suited to automate any repetitive workplace request in varied areas such as fleet or facility management. WATCH PART FOUR HERE.


S2:E2: Part 5/5 - Soapbox Demonstration Series - Handling a request it has never seen before. Duration: 3 mins 17 secs.

SOBO_S2-E2 P5-5There's a first time for everything. Self-learning is the key to how Soapbox handles predictions. The more agents handle similar requests the quicker Soapbox learns. This all happens in the course of day to day operations without the need to stop to retrain and reconfigure the system. Without the need for platform technicians and AI specialistsWATCH PART FIVE HERE.


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Soapbox. Work – Smart. Simple. Better. The team behind Soapbox introduced ServiceNow to the ANZ market way back in 2007. Which helps us thoroughly understand the pain points and challenges ServiceNow customers face. To this end, we've created Sofi for ServiceNow. Built with AI from the ground up it is a heuristic System of Engagement (SoE) that is paired with revolutionary System of Artificial Intelligence (SoAI). 

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