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The First Viable Alternative to ServiceNow

We all know that ServiceNow is a great tool for fortune 2000 companies. However, ServiceNow is not a fit for an increasing number of customers. Customers cite the high cost and complexity. Plus, the need to drive intelligent automation. There is no alternative that can deliver a scalable platform to drive work across the organisation. Until now.



That's the pitch. How does that stack up in the real world?

We'll be the first to admit that Soapbox is not a one-for-one replacement for ServiceNow. If you're a current ServiceNow user and you're happy with what it does for your organisation, then this article is probably not for you.

However, if you're like an increasing number of service management owners and managers - who are finding it harder and harder to justify the cost and complexity associated with ServiceNow - we hear you.


Let's start with the issue of complexity.

Do you use all of the features of your ServiceNow environment? A lot of the feedback that we receive from the service management community is that a lot of functionality and features available are not required by a good proportion of users. This was a cornerstone of our build philosophy. We offer the most important, commonly used features and build them on a next generation, AI-based platform.

The Soapbox intelligent platform solution significantly shortens your implementation timeframes. Its self-learning features also reduces your on-going overheads.


Another major sticking point is the cost associated with ServiceNow.

Again, for every organisation that is happy with those costs, there is another that is finding that financial overhead harder and harder to justify. This is something that we at Soapbox are very aware of. If this is you or your organisation, you need to speak to us today. Soapbox as a business is built on the premise that business interactions need to be equitable and this philosophy extends to our pricing models.


Finally, one should also consider the technology deck.

There are a lot of service desk solutions out there. However, most are not built on an proprietary intelligent platform like Soapbox and there are those that are just chatbots.

Soapbox is a fully integrated, enterprise level platform that not only replaces your System of Record (SoR) but also has a System of Engagement (SoE) and most importantly, a System of Artificial Intelligence (SoAI).


The case for Artificial Intelligence and Intelligent Automation

This System of Intelligence is the key to helping your organisation shift left. The dawning realisation that AI has a significant part to play in the managing of the rising workloads that organisations are experiencing right now. Traditional solutions of adding more agents to help desks are no longer on the table and cost pressures are driving service desks to opt for more self-service via service portals.

However, self-service adoption hasn't been great. While there is major concern about this, the current prognosis is not good. Until now.


More and more, AI-driven intelligent automation is hailed as the solution.

And we couldn't agree more. A service management platform that is built from the ground up with true AI capabilities is the way of the future.

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