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VIDCAST SERIES: Top Five ways to get more value out of your ServiceNow environment.

Welcome to our vid-cast on how to get more value out of your ServiceNow environment. In this five-part series, we talk to Paul Heath, Co-Founder and VP of Product Marketing at Soapbox, where we seek to shed some light on the issues and offer some tangible solutions.

ServiceNow is currently lacking an intelligent, NLP virtual agent that is self-learning and able to conduct federated search.  Our virtual agent, Sofi for ServiceNow is built with AI and intelligent automation from the ground up. And Sofi has been on the scene for two years now.

The most common issues faced by service management teams stem from being under pressure to reduce operational costs and improve service experience. The most common strategy to achieve this is to increase the adoption of self service strategies. However, usage and adoption of self service portals is low and call volumes continue to rise. If this is you and organisation, you're not alone.

The good news is, a lot of this can be mitigated with AI-driven, intelligent search technologies that utilise natural language processing. This series seeks to identify some of the problems facing service desks and to highlight some tech-forward solutions via a Soapbox offering.

And the good news? They're available right now and at a fraction of the cost of anything that ServiceNow has to offer. Click the big yellow button below and get Sofi to upgrade your ServiceNow experience.

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Watch S1:E1 – Increase self-service via the ServiceNow Service Portal (Level 0) Duration: 19 mins 36 secs.

SOBO_Top-Five-Ways-Of-Getting-Most-Value-from ServiceNow_EP-1The issues regarding low self-service adoption rates are near universal. The friction faced by most businesses revolve around the complexity of internal (and external) service portals. Frustrated users simply end up calling or shooting off an email to a service desk, which in turn defeats the whole promise of self-service.  WATCH PART ONE HERE.


Watch S1:E2 – Increase first contact resolution rates (Level 1). Duration: 11 mins 19 secs.

SOBO_Top-Five-Ways-Of-Getting-Most-Value-from ServiceNow_EP-2Increasing first contact resolution rates is a major KPI for most Service Desk managers. Fortunately, this is something that is easily fixed by increasing accuracy and serving up the right answers first time. While it seems easier said than done, find out how Sofi can put your teams on the right footing to effortlessly shift to the left.  WATCH PART TWO HERE.


Watch S1:E3 –Use Intelligent Search to find what you’re looking for. Duration: 9 mins 39 secs.

SOBO_Top-Five-Ways-Of-Getting-Most-Value-from ServiceNow_EP-3Natural language processing is the gateway to intelligent search. Another powerful aspect of intelligent search is federated search. Using AI and Natural Language to search knowledge across silos and departments. Imagine being able to do this without having to integrate multiple databases and a system that is self-learning. WATCH PART THREE HERE.


Watch S1:E4 – Reduce the high-cost of Agent on-boarding. Duration: 9 mins 15 secs.

SOBO_Top-Five-Ways-Of-Getting-Most-Value-from ServiceNow_EP-4The entire basis of having senior staff train new staff is a process that could take months before new staff are up to speed. As a heuristic virtual assistant, Sofi is poised to give your teams an unequal advantage by observing your best staff, learning from them and then seamlessly serving it to the rest of the team. WATCH PART FOUR HERE.


Watch S1:E5 – Busting common myths about implementing Sofi. Duration: 12 mins 48 secs.

SOBO_Top-Five-Ways-Of-Getting-Most-Value-from ServiceNow_EP-5How hard is it to get Sofi into your ServiceNow environment? Traditional thinking says that implementing AI is full of major hurdles. In this wrap up episode, we dispel the three most common myths surrounding the implementation of an AI virtual agent. The surprising thing is that it's not that hard. WATCH PART FIVE HERE.

If any of these issues resonate and you'd like to get Sofi into your ServiceNow environment - Click the button below. Even if you're just looking for a discussion into your particular requirements.

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 Soapbox. Work – Smart. Simple. Better. The team behind Soapbox introduced ServiceNow to the ANZ market way back in 2007. Which helps us thoroughly understand the pain points and challenges ServiceNow customers face. To this end, we've created Sofi for ServiceNow. Built with AI from the ground up it is a heuristic System of Engagement (SoE) that is paired with revolutionary System of Artificial Intelligence (SoAI). 

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